It took ten years for astronomers to find out the generated source for puzzling alien cosmic radio waves after their detection.

Scientists including one Indian origin have found that the short bursts of alien signals originated from a distant dwarf galaxy that is more than three million light years away from our mother planet, Earth.

Fast radio bursts, which flashed merely few milliseconds created curiosity among astronomers about its origin and journey. These waves are expected to be coming from outside of our galaxy.

A repeating burst that was discovered in 2012 provided an opportunity for researchers to monitor often in its area of the sky with the VLA in New Mexico and the Arecibo radio dish in Puerto Rico.

The Very Large Array (VLA) detected nine bursts last year over a period of a month that is enough sufficient to locate it within in a tenth of an arc second. After ample studies, scientists discovered that alien signals come from a distant dwarf galaxy which is far away from the blue planet.

According to Casey Law, an astronomer University of California, Berkely in the US, the origin of radio bursts in the dwarf galaxy suggests a link to other energetic events that arise in similar galaxies.

The astronomer also said that in this type of galaxy super-luminous supernovae which are extremely bright exploding stars and extensive gamma ray bursts will occur.

Casey Law responded on fast radio bursts as that could be created by a long gamma ray burst or superluminous supernova, further, it evolves and rotations slow down a bit while producing fast radio bursts.