A team of scientists from the Australian National University (ANU) for the first time invented path-breaking optical chip for telescopes to search Alien life.

The new optical chip of telescope allows scientists to get a fine picture of planets that dwelled outside of our solar system in spite of the sun’s extreme brightness.

Dr. Madden from the ANU said that the ultimate goal of their work with astronomers is to find out the right pair of a planet to earth which supports life.

The chip is an interferometer that adds equal but opposite light waves from a host sun which cancels out the light from the Sun, allowing the much weaker planet light to be seen, said the doc.

To accomplish this task they’re searching for planets with the atmosphere that contains ozone which is a strong sign of life.

This month, the new will be presented at the Australian Institute of Physics Congress in Brisbane. The new optical project is a combined association of Physicists and astronomers of ANU and the researches at the University of Sydney.

The technology in the chip functions just like the thermal imaging which assists firefighters to see through smoke, according to Harry Dean K Goldsmith, a Ph.D. student from ANU and the developer of the chip.

Mr. Goldsmith said about the functionality of the chip that, it uses heat emitted from the distant planet to squint through dust clouds and see the forming of planets.

The functionality of the chip allows astronomers to detect ozone on exo-planets, said the Ph.D. student.