South Korean company Samsung announced that it has become world’s number 1 supplier of enterprise solid state drives(SSD) used in corporate data centers, according to number of analyst firms.

Enterprise SSD
Samsung emerged as No:1 in Enterprise SSD solutions. | image credit: Samsung

According to a IDC* report, Worldwide Solid State Storage Quarterly Update CY 1Q16, revealed that a world-leader in advanced memory technology has been placed in leader position Enterprise SSD sales in Q1 of this year. The data showed that Samsung was at 32.4% when compared to the 2nd place finisher with 16.9%.

This shows that there is a sharp upturn in Enterprise SSD sales from Q4 of 2015 when the South Korean company was in a dead heat with its competitor about a 22% market share. In the year 2015, IDC has shown Samsung with a 20.6% share.

Lately, Samsung’s role in leading the movement to SSDs in the enterprise market has been quite impressive,” said Jeff Janukowicz, research vice president, SSDs and Enabling Technologies, IDC. ()

He noted that the company supporting all-flash systems has fueled the rise in enterprise storage. He thanked a broad portfolio of SSDs, which include offering the highest densities as well as SATA, NVMe, PCIe solutions and SAS.

Greg Wong, founder and principal analyst, Forward Insights told that Samsung had excellently increased its brand presence in the enterprise storage market. And the server and flash-array OEMs were seeking to take advantage of the company’s technological leadership, quick and reliable product delivery and 3D manufacturing.

He also noted that the company was predicted to manage its market position in 2016 and more than it expected as it leveraged its brand leading position in 3D NAND technology.

By showing extensive market growth in storage support for data centers worldwide, the company has more than 18 SSD families in the enterprise, covering total above 100 different SKUs.

Even other industry analysts reported that Samsung experiencing big market and this proved that it was moving to great leadership position for enterprise SSDs.