Sam Barlow, the developer of the hit game ‘Her Story’, has revealed the details of his next game, which is titled as ‘Telling Lies’.

According to the acclaimed British inside video-game director, the game will draw inspiration from Steve McQueen’s erotic drama Shame and Francis Ford Coppola’s thriller The Conversation.

Taking to a leading American magazine, Barlow told that the new game will be a ‘spiritual follow-up’ but with a bigger scope, more polished and higher budget than its predecessor, Her Story.

Barlow also told that he and Annapurna Interactive, the name game’s publisher, were trying to put feature Hollywood talent into the game for the live-action experience for the player.

As per the developer, the audience for the both games Her Story and Telling Lies are not the people who often play video games but they attracted because of its unique kind of storytelling.

“The audience is in control—we have space where the player can jump around. We can let scenes run and unspool. Some scenes consist very little script for dialogue. It will create a very different experience than 60-minute TV show” says Barlow.

Barlow is presently fleshing out the story for “Telling Lies,” and according to him, the story is complicated by the interconnected nature of the characters and all the various entry points.

“I’m viewing it in a sculptural way,” he said. “I’m looking at what happens when you throw a player at it, who can attack it from any number of angles,” he said to a magazine.

Source: gameinformer