A team of scientists from the University of California developing a magnetic ink to selfheal the broken damages by gadget itself.

So in coming days we don’t always need to throw broken gear into the trash, kudos to the research team.

A member of the research team, Amay Bandodkar told that they wanted to impart self-healing ability to printed electronic devices just like how a human skin performs to heal wounds.

Amay guessed that ten dollars worth of ‘magnetic ink’ can create hundreds of small devices since one would not need to throw gadgets and wearables into the trash and it also reduces waste.

Within a short time, magnetic ink could self-heal and one can use it rapidly said the scientist.
To generate a self-healing effect, the researchers used pulverized neodymium magnets which are commonly found in hard drives and refrigerators.

Neodymium magnets are produced by using two different methods, among that one is sintered magnet process, and the other is bonded magnet process or the rapid solidification.
The research team is currently assessing the best ink ratios to use for a wide variety of gadget-printing applications.

The team is going forward with a goal to create anything from solar panels to medical implants.

Magnetic Ink is really a boon to the current tech world where techie to a toddler depends on electronic gadgets from dawn to dusk.