Action-adventure video game series Mafia, wrote a message to its PC players about their update on Mafia III game. The game is developed by ‘2K Czech’ and published by ‘2K Games’.

The message from Mafia to their PC game players is that their game developing team is currently working on an update for PC that gives an option to play Mafia III at higher frame rates.

But on the other side, Publisher 2K confirmed that the game will be locked to thirty framer per second (FPS) on its console incarnations.

Earlier Mafia game posted on its office site that there team has been working hard to ensure Mafia III’s performance consistent across its all platforms.

The new game arrives on Friday for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. And one can expect a completely different version of the game because it’s coming from a new developer.

Coming to the game, all the games in Mafia series are set in fictional places and usually takes place in a historical back drops from Great Depression (the period during 1930’s) to New Orleans of 1960’s.

In Mafia series, the first game was released on 28th August 2002 for Windows. Later in 2004, ports of the game for Xbox and PlayStation 2 released.

After six years in the month of August, second game from the series is out for OS X, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows.

This year, the new version from the game series, Mafia III released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.