South Korean multinational electronic appliances manufacturer LG announced the coolest smartphone ever with its upcoming version of G6 in mobiles.

According to the sources, the company has been conducting tests to keep G6 cool with heat pipes against battery heat which is the similar technique that has been using in desktop, laptop and notebook’s batteries to lower the temperature.

LG said that to prevent G6’s battery from overheating, it will enroll copper heat pipes around the battery to spread the heat to minimize excessive heat. In addition, the company also maintained sufficient distance between internal parts of the battery to reduce the amount of heat.

Lee Seok-jong, an LG Electronics official cited that they will remarkably improve the safety and quality of their new flagship smartphones as more consumers seek safe smartphones.

Lee further stated that they are conducting battery heat exposure tests to a temperature that is fifteen percent higher than the temperature set by the international standards of the US and Europe.

To know for what standards the smartphone can withstand, the company is doing anti-shock and anti-puncture tests to G6 said the official.

He also mentioned that the battery undergoes multiple tests like piercing a sharp nail to it and dropping a heavy object on it from a high altitude.

In a video of LG’s G6 in YouTube, the company hinted that the smartphone is featured with water-resistant. As per the video, probably the phone arrives in the next month.

On the other side, LG G6 is going to be the first in the range of smartphones to include copper heat pipes.