Chinese smartphone maker Lenovo announced on Tuesday that it was launching a smart home assistance which is powered by Amazon’s Alexa.

Lenovo’s smart home assistance delivers AI assistance, entertainment, and information through voice commands and acts as a smart home hub that controls IoT-enabled devices in the home.

The device will be available from May 2017 at a cost of $129 and comes into the market as a competitor to Amazon’s Echo speakers using the AI technology developed by giant e-commerce and cloud computing company, Amazon.

The tech giant, associated with Amazon to deliver Alexa services and it would be the third smart assistance that integrated with it after Amazon’s own Echo and Echo Dot.

New ‘Smart Home Assistance’ speakers from Lenovo are available in three different colors namely orange, light gray and green. Customers can choose the color that matches their home interiors.

In one word, the device is merely like a hybrid of Amazon’s Echo and Google Home, because it built with the technology of Echo and available in colors of Google Home.

On the event of launching the product Johnson Jia, Lenovo’s senior vice president said about the device that how a person’s intelligent quotient is measured on applied knowledge, in the same way, they believe products are enough smart to the degree they’re actually understood and applied to daily life by their users.

On the other hand, Amazon launched Echo Dot as a smaller version of the Echo in last year and Google too introduced Google home, its own smart speaker with bases that could reciprocate according to the environment.