Nearly everyone has a mobile phone and it becomes one of the basic needs for us after food, clothing, and shelter. Among the mobile users, a vast majority of people are using smartphones as it allows more benefits to the users. Here is the report of some best smartphones of this year till now.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus tops the list this year with its powered A10 chip. The processor is reliable, durable and supremely fast than all its Android competitors.

Though the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus might look like the iPhone 6 & 6S Plus, internally it is all a new phone and an experience for the users to enjoy while using.

Samsung Galaxy S8

After an unexpected failure in the market from the highly anticipated Samsung’s Galaxy S7, the South Korean company is back with its new model Galaxy S8, which is undoubtedly the most beautiful smartphone on the market today.

Just like iPhone’s 7 & 7 Plus, it is a completely waterproof piece with ample storage space and RAM memory. The phone holds 12 and 8 megapixel’s primary and front camera respectively.

Google Pixel XL

Finally, the internet giant, Google produced a smartphone in the market with its Google Pixel XL. The phone is completely Google’s product as its software and design is totally done by Google. The company incorporated a robust camera in it to give a high competition to its competitors Samsung and Apple.

OnePlus 5

Currently, Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus produced mobile OnePlus 5 is creating a lot of buzz in the mobile market as the fastest Android smartphone. On the other side, the model is not ‘flagship killer’ that the company is prominently known for.

If you are using any one of the above-mentioned smartphones, share your experience and write a short review if it possible in the respective field below. Let us spread the word of mouth and experience the best of the best smartphone.