American multinational technology company Apple announced its new augmented reality development kit in June at WWDC. Citing a source, Fast Company reports, it was come to know that iPhone 8 is incorporating an advanced system of 3D lasers in order to enhance the user experience while running augmented reality apps.

The new sensor system works well in providing great depth detection for augmented reality apps as well provides accurate autofocus for photography.

The report also predicts that the company to add a “vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser” (VCSEL) system. It is an excellent way to provide phone a better depth perception. This is done by calculating how long it takes for the light to travel from phone to object and vice versa.

Even if your phone is not into AR, the laser automatically boosts your camera’s auto-focus capabilities. It is going to be a big win for everyone as the laser has the power to measure the objects in the frame in milliseconds.

Previously, this 3D scanning system has been rumored as that the iPhone 8’s front camera as replacement for the Touch ID. But now it looks as that 3D sensing may come to rear facing camera.

iPhone is expected to be packed with new features such as wireless charging, an edge-to-edge OLED display, and–possibly–sealed buttons on the side of the phone that respond with haptic feedback and are completely waterproof.

It is expected that ARKit would be available to everyone when iOS 11 becomes publicly available, so both may roll out at the same time.

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