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Trindo is a technology portal that is rapidly expanding its presence across the contemporary. We believe that technology changes the world, hence cover in-depth technology stories, product information and latest gadgets reviews in a cohesive manner.

We provide stories with an intention to help our readers remain informed about technological breakthroughs, product launches, and changes happening in the Tech world. We extend our mission to explain the world about technology by reporting on latest happenings.

The technology portal brings in exclusive updates in its technology news coverage, with catchy headline as and interesting stories.

Our authenticity of the information makes us different from other news portals and we make you to know about technology innovations to achieve better growth. Stories we pick, style we write in, and ways we present technology news make us different from other news portals. Visit our website to know about technology innovations, and much more.

1009447_434536903320867_1163179058_o1) Avinash (SOCIAL MEDIA)

Avinash creates original technology articles and error-free content. Re-writing existing contents with the new facts and information is his major role. His success lies in searching the internet for credible facts and information.

Bushan2) Bushan (Senior Editor)

I am a senior Editor at Trindo. I have 12+ years of solid experience in the content Writing industry and is capable of delivering any type of content such as blogs, articles, captions, descriptions, Newsletters, Press Releases, Profiles, and more.

2016-06-13-PHOTO-000102823) Deepa (Editor in Chief)

Deepa edits and proof-reads contents for publishing purpose. She develops fresh content for websites and update website content of multiple niches. Updating visitors with useful information online regularly is her specialty.

Untitled-14) Naveen (Chief Publisher)

Naveen, who is passionate about Digital Media publishes articles at Trindo. He proof-reads each and every document before publishing. He assists Digital Marketing team in keyword research and Meta description Updation.

1048313_661440890536427_315356123_o5) Surender (Content Writer)

Surender develops application development content for Trindo. Generating taglines that are more attractive and eye-catchy is her expertise. He co-ordinates with every team to provide the best content.