Google is a powerful search engine on internet and is widely used across the world. But Google homepage has some hidden surprises for users. Here are the top 5 best Google secrets that are really fun:


Try this! It’s really fun! Enter the word ‘Askew’ in the Google search bar and see the result where you will get surprised. Users will find the page slightly slanted. Go ahead and scroll till the bottom of the page, users will see all the searches starting to tilt slightly.

Roll a dice

Generally, everyone use dice on board games or while studying mathematics. But very few people know that even Google allows people to ‘Roll a Dice’. All you need is to just type ‘Roll a dice’ in Google and allow you to throw dice virtually and play games easily.

Flip a coin

Flipping a coin is nothing but we use whenever we use to play games. From now, when you play games, Google is here to toss a coin and decide the result. Just type ‘Flip A Coin’ and click on ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’, and voila Google give the result whether it’s heads or tails!

Atari Breakout

Want to kill your time? Then Google is here for you! Type atari breakout into Google images and see. Users can break their boredom by playing this interesting game. Start your game!

Google Pacman

Google also comes with another surprise that it allow you to play 1980s arcade game Pac-Man. Just type ‘Google Pacman’ in the search bar and get ready to chop multicolored coast around the Google logo.

Do a Barrel Roll

Type ‘Do a Barrel Roll’ in Google and see the result, really it’s amazing! The search page will roll and flip 360 degrees.

Google Orbit

Just type Google orbit and click ok. Users will find the home page swirl and spin along with your mouse movements. It’s really fun. Enjoy.